Colourful adirondack chairs appear at Mile One Centre!

Finding a place to sit and enjoy the view in Downtown just got a little easier. Earlier this summer Downtown St John’s partnered with Her Majesty’s Penitentiary Carpentry shop in a pilot project to construct street furniture for Downtown.

In this rehabilitative program, inmates under the direction of Captain Greg McGuire and Correctional Officer Steve Martin built the furniture. The aim of this joint project was to improve the skill set of selected inmates and to help them contribute back to the community while providing some much needed public seating. The end result of this project was 10 colourful Adirondack chairs placed at several high profile locations throughout the area and available for public use.

After using the chairs for their summer events, including Reel Downtown and the Busker Festival, Downtown St. John’s made the chairs available to businesses and organizations within the Downtown core. These chairs can be found Atlantic Place, the 351 Water Street office building, outside the Downtown St. John’s office at 155 Water Street, Mile One Centre and the St. John’s Convention Centre.