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Planning on attending an event at Mile One Centre? There are parking opportunities in the downtown core, all within walking distance of Mile One Centre.

Parking is available at the St. John's Municipal Parking Lot located in City Hall. Parking is available on all five levels of the garage. Security patrolled parking such a short distance away from Mile One Centre only costs $10.00 per night, and is available for every event and game. Please be advised that Level 2 houses city vehicles and will be gated and locked 30 minutes after end of game/event. Vehicles parked on this level will need to be removed immediately after an event or game.

Method of Payment
Only cash will be accepted for event parking.

Parking in Residential Areas
Parking in residential areas will not be tolerated - no exceptions! Parking spaces in these areas are designated for residential parking by Permit Only. Violators will be ticketed and / or towed. For more information on residential parking please call the City of St. John's Parking services 576-8941.

Disabled Parking
Parking for disabled persons will be provided on the ground level of the St. John's City Hall Parking Garage (entrance off New Gower Street). is available in the parking lot of the Fortis building immediately west of Mile One on New Goer St.. Parking is $10

A disabled patron drop zone is available immediately in front of the Convention Centre. By entering the front doors of the Convention Centre, patrons may take the elevator to third floor and enter Mile One via the pedway.

Disabled patrons may also continue to be dropped off in the layby and enter Mile One via the wheelchair ramp leading to Gate 1. Please note this is for events only as during hockey games the layby will be in use for the Metrobus Park & Ride service.

Commercial Parking Lots
There are several commercial parking lots in the vicinity of Mile One Centre. Fees and number of spaces vary by lot.