Email Deliverability

Dear Patron,

Mile One Centre wants to ensure the deliverability of electronic communications to your email inbox. We recommend that you follow these best practices if you feel you are not receiving Mile One Centre email broadcasts.

  1. To ensure that important email messages from Mile One Centre are not filtered into your Spam, Junk or Bulk Mail folder, add the email address,, to your Safe Sender’s List.
  2. If you have added the above email address to your Safe Sender’s List and are still not receiving emails, then Mile One Centre recommends reaching out to your local Internet Service Provider to confirm that they are whitelisting the following IP Address Range or IP Address Block:

    IP Address Range: –

    IP Address Block:

    Mile One Centre email broadcasts can deliver emails from any of the above IP Addresses within the range/block provided above. Once your local Internet Service Provider has whitelisted these IP Addresses you should see improvement of Mile One Centre email communications reaching your email inbox.

  3. If the Safe Sender’s List and IP Address whitelisting do not work to improve the delivery of Mile One Centre communications to your inbox, then Mile One Centre recommends creating an email address with a more widely used domain such as Yahoo! Canada, MSN Canada, Google Gmail, Shaw, Rogers, Telus, etc.

If you have completed all three recommendations above and you continue to have issues with receiving Mile One Centre email communications, then please contact the Mile One Centre box office at (709) 576-7657 or

Mile One Centre Box Office Staff